Lalita Trishati

The Lalitha Trishati is also a stotra found in the Brahmanda Purana. In a chapter called Lalithopakyanam, we are told the story of how Agastya is taught the Lalitha Sahasranama by Hayagreeva but he is not entirely satisfied as he feels that something is missing in his learning. Hayagreeva insists that he has taught him all that he knows at which time Goddess Lalitha Tripurasundari herself appears before Hayagreeva and instructs him to teach Agastya the Lalitha Trishati. Hayagreeva is very thankful to his disciple as he provided him an opportunity to see the Goddess and thereafter teaches him the Lalitha Trishati.

The stotra contains 300 names of the goddess which are all expansion of the Panchadasi mantra

Ka E I la Hrim

Ha Sa Ka Ha La Hrim

Sa Ka La Hrim


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