How to use the Sri Chakra Yantra as a tool for Conscious Manifestation

We are continuously creating our own reality – consciously or unconsciously. The reality that we unconsciously create can be unreliable as we cannot be sure that the outcome will be exactly as we desire.

Look back on your own life for examples of how you may have gone  about unconsciously manifesting a career out of a childhood desire or fulfilled some want/ need miraculously. When you manifest unconsciously, you are governed by your beliefs, prejudices and conditioned thought patterns. As a child, if you were told by a teacher that you are no good at maths, it might turn you in the direction of commerce or humanities, simply because you believe what has been told to you. But commerce or humanities may not be what you really wanted to pursue.

Another example of unconscious manifesting can be your choice of a life partner. We all tend to go by what is expected of us by our parents or peers or society in general which may necessarily not be the qualities that we desire in our partner. We then end up making the wrong choices and unhappiness and frustration follows. Unconscious manifestation can lead to disappointment and sadness because we create our realities without being completely aware of what we seek.

Conscious manifestation, on the other hand, is all about clarity and involves explicitly expressing to the uUniversal energy what it is that you truly, strongly and deeply desire. It is not enough to merely desire something. You must invest in it your emotions and feelings to make it a reality. There has to be a passion in your desire, not just an apathetic wanting. Once you are clear about what you desire and state it, it is time to sit back and trust the universe to deliver. It is very important that you trust the process and not harbour doubts about “how” it will happen.

For example, you desire a four-bedroom house with a small garden in a specific area in your city. Do not think for a moment – “where will I get the money to buy it?” or “will I be able to maintain such a big house?” These doubts will only negate the entire process of conscious manifestation as they create confusion about whether you are worthy of it or really desire it in the first place. Keep the eyes and ears open to any opportunities but never doubt that the house of your dreams will be yours soon.

Here are a few guidelines to help manifest consciously:

  1. Have a clear vision of what you desire. You must know with clarity exactly what it is that you are seeking. If it is a material object, then be as specific as you can about size, shape, colour and features. If you wish to see yourself as a published author, then have a vision of how the book will look. If you are seeking enhancement of a skill, then outline in what area you wish to see growth.
  2. Energize your vision by stating it to yourself and by focussing on it several times a day for just a few seconds. This way you are strengthening your desire by focusing your attention on it again and again. Where attention goes, energy flows in that direction.
  3. Make your intention clear to the universe and to yourself. You can do this in any number of creative ways. In ancient pagan rituals, the desires were written out on bay leaves or rocks and caves. You can write your desires down carefully and consciously and store it in a safe place.
  4. Take the necessary actions required to create your vision. Obviously some action is needed from your end to acquire what you desire. You will need to be on the lookout for that four-bedroom house or complete the manuscript of the book. You will need to be fully aware and awake to the possibilities of coincidences and serendipity bringing you in touch with people and situations that can make your dream a reality.
  5. Visualize deeply and imagine that what you seek is already yours. If you are seeking a promotion then imagine what it would be like to be seated in your new office, with all the added perks that come with the position. Visualize yourself as dressed in better clothes, carrying yourself with greater confidence and leading people in your company. The greater your sense of visualization, the better will be your ability to manifest.
  6. Clear all negative thoughts. Believe and trust the universe. You will have several moments when you will think “Ah, this is not going to work” or “I don’t deserve this.” Keep such thoughts out while focussing on thinking that miracles do happen and that you could be at the receiving end. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain with this positive mindset.
  7. Surrender to the process. Once you have decided to trust the universe, develop a sense of detachment from the desire and allow your mind to be free of thoughts which will keep arising about the how and the when. Just know and be secure in your ability to manifest and bide your time. There is no time frame in which the manifestation will occur so be patient.
  8. Give thanks. Even before you see the results of your created reality, get into a grateful state of mind and remember to thank the universe for offering you the opportunity to collaborate in the creative process.

While meditating on the Sri Chakra Yantra, focus on the various avaranas at different stages of your manifestation process.

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As you begin the process, meditate on the 1st avarana to help make the connection with the universe. Meditation at this level also helps you to be more grounded in your own self and will guide you intuitively to make the right decisions.

You now have a vision and clarity about what you seek. It is time to make the request to the universe. Take your attention to the 2nd avarana and state clearly what you desire with specific outcomes that you have in mind.

Allow a day or two before moving on to strengthening and further clarifying your desire as you meditate upon the 3rd avarana. Reiterate your idea and confirm it in your mind as you keep your eyes focussed on the 8 petals pattern.

By now, you should be visualizing the outcome in detail. If your desire is a material one, then imagine it with all its qualities including colour, shape and size. If your desire is an intangible one such as an entrepreneurial endeavour, then visualize your business plan with as much detail as possible. Imagine a buzzing office with staff, see your website being created and visualize yourself signing business deals. Focus on the 4th avarana with your eyes moving along the triangles starting from the left in the clockwise direction.

Spend some time each day meditating on the outcome. Imagine how you will feel when your desire is fulfilled. Visualize your reaction and notice how you will feel in mind, body and spirit. Feel the excitement and the joy of the moment and allow yourself to enjoy this sensation. The brain does not know the real from the imaginary so just soak in the feeling as your eyes wander over the triangles of the 5th avarana.

While meditating on the 6th avarana, let go of all the doubts and negative thoughts that might slip into your mind and distance you from your dream. As the triangles get smaller, allow your focus to get more intense and continue to visualize an outcome that exactly matches with your desire.

As you approach the bindu, the point of universal creativity, begin to detach yourself from your desire. This does not mean letting go of your vision but implies instead that you now have implicit faith in the universe and you surrender with trust. Focus your eyes on the small triangles of the 7th avarana and express your sense of wonder and excitement at what is to come.

Approach the 8th avarana with a sense of immense gratitude and give thanks in advance to the process of creation. Gratitude generates positive emotions and helps improve all aspects of our life – health, abundance and relationships. It also helps you appreciate what you already have and prepares you to receive more into your life.

You are now finally at the bindu, the vortex of creation itself, and now as you meditate upon the dot at the centre of the triangle, do a quick recap of all the steps from making the connection to visualizing to strengthening and finally letting go and giving thanks. At this point, intensify your meditation yet again and ask that your actions be fuelled by the Universal energy and spend a few minutes with your eyes closed appreciating the calmness of the moment.

Mircea Eliade wrote that there are two distinct ways of being – the sacred and the profane. The sacred way of being involves our looking at the world with awe and fascination, marvelling at the mysteries that remain locked in the universe. The profane way of being is living our lives without ever wondering about the magic or the mystery of the universe.

Let us use the Sri Chakra Yantra as a tool to connect us to the sacred for it temporarily disengages us from our role in the profane world of humdrum existence and helps us enter into a zone to connect more closely with the sacred. Let us allow the Sri Chakra Yantra to motivate us, help us fulfil our deepest desires and create as well as sustain our unique identity in this crowded planet.

Featured Image Courtesy: Tibetan Thangka – Green Tara Goddess Mandala by Serge Averbukht

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