The significance of Poornima (Full Moon Day) for those on the spiritual path

From time immemorial, Poornima or Full Moon Day has been revered in Hinduism and Buddhism. Poornima occurs once a month (and rarely twice as we have seen in October 2020) when the sun’s rays fully illuminate the surface of the moon. The moon has no light of its own, and when the moon is shining at its brightest and fullest, we receive maximum light and vitality as the sun’s rays bounce off of the lunar surface. While the energy of a full moon lasts for about three days before and after the lunation, the moon is technically only full for a moment—when the sun and the moon are directly opposite each other in the sky.

We humans have been living by lunar cycles for centuries, and in our modern world where we have lost almost all contact with nature, connecting to the energies of the moon can give us a sense of grounding and synergy with the earth and cosmos. 

Amavasya or New Moon Day is a time to set intentions for the future and launch new projects, the full moon is a time of culmination and fruition. As the moon increases toward full light, our energy builds and we collect information. The waxing moon means a forward-moving energy and momentum that’s great for building things, working toward a goal, or bringing phases of a project to fruition. Once the full moon arrives, the waning (decreasing) moon phase begins. As the moon wanes and the light starts to dwindle, we can begin to release what’s no longer working for us. It’s a great time to reflect on what you’ve built during the waxing phase while shedding anything that we feel is no longer required or serves us in any way.  The Full Moon is a time to let go of all that is not allowing us to reach our spiritual pinnacle.

Things to do on Poornima


Meditating  during full moon can help us harness the magnifying effects of the full moon for greater spiritual activities. The moon has a very strong influence on water and that is precisely why a full moon has a very strong effect on our bodies which are made up of 70% water. Full moon meditations are a powerful way to tap the luminous lunar energy and harness the energetic power of the moon’s light. Sit comfortably, preferably facing East, in a space where the moonlight is visible. Close your eyes and feel the moon’s beams fill the room and your body. Focus on your breath and the intention you’ve set. Imagine the moonlight enveloping and purifying your body, mind, and spirit. Slowly bring your attention back to the room and open your eyes.

Let go and Release

Use the power of words on a full moon day as it is a potent time for letting go of what’s no longer serving you. Write down a list of everything you want to release from your life, and read them aloud with intention.

Do a manifestation ritual

A simple manifestation ritual with some chanting and setting intentions is especially powerful on this day. Just remember to give thanks and express utter gratitude for all the things that you have received in the recent past.

Take a moon bath

Go for a walk with the moon washing all over you while visualising a shower of moonlight enveloping you from top to toe and soak in its powerful energy.

Here’s wishing you a very blissful and peace-giving Poornima. May your meditation bear the best fruit!

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